Knox Krytzo Piralonga
Basic info
Kana ノックス=ノーザン=ビラロンガ
Romaji Nokkusu Nōzan Biraronga
Location Scene 22
Key Item Fishing Pole

Knox (ノックス Nokkusu?) is a non-playable character in Knights in the Nightmare.


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Hagen, A Friendly Man: "Hagen's had a hard life."
  • On Hagen, A Friendly Man: "I can talk to him easily. Friends like that are good."
  • On Otto, A Quiet Person: "Mr. Otto is kind of hard to talk to sometimes..."
  • On Gilder, A Good Courier: "I always ask that Gilder guy to deliver my things."
  • On Gilder, A Good Courier: "It's too bad that courier is practically tone-deaf."
  • On Gilder, A Good Courier: "He's always humming something as he works."
  • On Nielsen, An Artist: "Growing herbs must be hard work. I couldn't do it."
  • On Gieche, A Handsome Man: "A knight of the king is popular with the ladies."
  • On Wurger, A Grim Guard: "That gatekeeper sure has a big impact on people."
  • On Maya, A Wicked Woman: "Every time I talk to her, rumors spread the next day."
  • On Schweiz, An Annoying Man: "I know an official who always looks sour."
  • On Pascale, A Noble Lady: "That lady guest comes to this castle often."
  • On Merrick, A Pretty Maid: "That new court maid is really beautiful."
  • "Hmm... I guess you don't seem suspicious."
  • "I have yet to memorize this place's interior..."
  • On Leonil, : "Aquina, Leonil, and Yelma are powerful knights."
  • On Aquina, The Generals: "Aquina, Leonil, and Yelma are powerful knights."
  • On Capehorn, The Generals: "I hear the cardinal and his men are prince supporters."
  • On Nordich, A Kingdom's Heir: "I hear the cardinal's men lifted up the prince."
  • "I find interesting things in the castle at times."
  • "Why do these factions exist? They're pointless."
  • "I don't care what happens. I'm a fence sitter anyway."
  • "Hmm? I think I forgot to go see that district today..."

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "I go fishing on my days off."
  • "Pulling up a fish with brute strength won't work."
  • "I caught such a strange fish, that I let it go."
  • "The feeling you get from a big fish is amazing."
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