Kulich S. Renard
Kulich raw portrait
Basic info
Kana クーリッヒ=S.レナード
Romaji Kūrihhi S. Renādo
Location Scene 19
Key Item Medicine

Kulich (クーリッヒ Kūrihhi?) is a non-playable character in Knights in the Nightmare. He is Sofine's older brother, who is apparently sickly. His frailty encouraged Sofine to become a knight. 


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Yantana, A Good Pharmacist: "Yantana's medicine works wonders, but it's bitter."
  • On Yantana, A Good Pharmacist: "Even mixed with honey, medicine is medicine."
  • On Sofine, A Younger Sister: "I was the one who should have become a knight..."
  • On Misleen, A Known Knight: "A handicapped knight... I respect her very much."
  • On Misleen, A Known Knight: "She has an illness and takes medicine for it too."
  • On Lucana, A Kind Court Maid: "When I collapsed in the castle, a maid helped me."
  • On Janak, A Gardener: "Janak talked to me about gardening for hours..."
  • On Jester, A Crazed Pair: "Those two weirdos are famous around here."
  • On Capehorn, A Rumored One: "There are rumors about the generals behind the prince."
  • On Capehorn, A Rumored One: "I heard a general had connections with monsters!"
  • "I'm interested in how medicine is prepared..."
  • "I've been told I may not have long to live..."
  • "I feel like I have a lot of willpower..."
  • "I've heard that those for the prince are treasonous."
  • "I don't know who betrayed who or what..."
  • "I was born with weak eyes."
  • "When the sun goes down, this island grows cold."
  • "The air here is getting more and more impure..."
  • "Most of those with rank support the prince..."
  • "Some days, I curse the fact I was born like this..."
  • "What will become of this kingdom? ...And the world?"

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "I have to drink this every day."
  • "I've grown used to taking medicine these days."
  • "The medicine... is very bitter..."
  • "I hated drinking medicine when I was younger."
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