The princess after she inherited the power of the Holy Sword, Gran Centurio. Her skill "Crusade" brings an end to all wars!
Yggdra 3

Yggdra after coronation, now La Pucelle

La Pucelle is the advanced form of the Sword Maiden class, and is unique to Yggdra. Like its predecessor, this class' weapon affinity is Swords; the only aesthetic change is that Yggdra now wears a tiara on her head. What makes La Pucelle such a powerful class is its selection of useful skills; it retains Fort☺ and Void Holy from Sword Maiden, but drops the tactical advantage over Golems.

In addition to receiving substantial stat bonuses, Yggdra will now be able to use her trump card: Crusade.


La Pucelle gains two new useful abilities to compensate for the lost one mentioned above. Yggdra also loses her weakness to Darkness, handicapped her before. The list is as follows:

  • Fort☺: This ability is unique to this class, and makes it exceedingly powerful when in Fort terrain. It nullifies their weapon's weakness to spears, rods, and scythes, and grants them a whopping -50 in Morale Damage if this unit were to lose a clash
  • Void Holy: Immunity to all Holy attacks and card skills.
  • Void Ailments: Immunity to all status problems.
  • Always Ace: Ignores the Ace specifications for all Tactics Cards, creating great tactical flexibility for skill usage.


La Pucelle
GEN ATK TEC LUK Size Move Weapon Formation
6 5 6 3 Small Walk Sword Cross +
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