Lamia is an enemy class in Knights in the Nightmare.
KitN Lamia

KitN Enemy
Base HP
Move Ground
Base EXP 11500
Bullet I Venom Phobia
Bullet II Viper Bite
Special Ability Can charm a knight
Law Phase Drop Rods?
Chaos Phase Drop Spears?

Description Edit

A snake-like monster that blows bewitching kisses. if ensnared...

Neutral   - Queen Lamia
Fire      - Fiery Naga
Ice       - Cleo Medusa
Lightning - Grim Lamia
Sanctity  - Radiant Fang
Darkness  - Dusk Serpent

Pause Talk:Edit

  • "Let me nibble on you... with my poison fangs!"
  • "There aren't many handsome men these days..."
  • "Hehehe... You're so cute..."
  • "I'll strangle you... Slowly, so I'll enjoy it."
  • "My body aches for you... Come over here, quickly..."
  • "I kill so many cute boys, but this never gets easier."
  • "Hehehe... I'll take my time making you suffer."

On Dying:Edit

  • "C-Can't... breathe..."
  • "Hisssss..."


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