Legro Rei Forden
Knight of Aventheim
Title Righteous Pillar
Kana レッグロッダ=レイ=フォーデン
Romaji Reggurodda Rei Fōden
Japanese Name Leggrodda Ray Foden
Race Elvale
Sex Male
Age 33
Order 6th
Unit Class Warrior
Element Lightning
Level 51
Encountered Scene 42
Item Leather Pouch
Route Mellia

Legro, also known as Leggrodda is a playable character in Knights in the Nightmare.

Tome DescriptionEdit

"As the only male knight in the 6th Order, he feels compelled to watch over General Algiery and his female comrades a little too obsessively. However, despite his caring nature, Legro is often very gruff and standoffish, leaving many people scared of him before they get to know him."

Base StatsEdit

Lv 51
VIT 39
L.I 96
C.I 39
LOY 60%


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Lucia, A Blending Ally: "I feel bad for forgetting about Lucia sometimes."
  • On Lucia, A Blending Ally: "I don't mean any harm toward her..."
  • On Enite, An Ally to Trust: "Enite was worried about Lady Algiery too."
  • On Oswald, A Modest Ally: "Oswald has an eye for the strength in others."
  • On Algiery, One to Protect: "I must protect General Algiery."
  • On Algiery, One to Protect: "Algiery is in danger..."
  • On Frabela, A General's Ally: "She is very pure and straight forward woman."
  • On Aquina, A Racist: "Genocide... Who could see that as a viable solution?"
  • On Leonil, An Arrogant Man: "Leonil's actions have been highly questionable."
  • On Yelma, A Viperous Lady: "Yelma is beyond dangerous."
  • "People tell me I'm unique. What does that even mean?"
  • "Yes, what is it?"
  • "...I feel okay."
  • "...Can I help you?"
  • "...I am not angry."
  • "I miss my daughter..."
  • "......"

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "Isn't the dye on this just great?"
  • "Leather products grow stronger with age."


  • "...Leave it to me."

Level Up:Edit

  • "I think I can be of better help to you."
  • "I vow to use this power for good!"
  • "Oh... I'm very grateful."
  • "I want you to keep depending on me...!"


  • "I was unable to be your strength..."


  • If offered to Lucia: "I'm sorry I was such a foolish superior..."
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