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Basic info
Gender Male
Japanese Voice Actor Kaneko Hidehiko
English Voice Actor Patrick Seitz
Age: Blaze Union: 19

Yggdra Union: 22

Race: Human
Family: Elena (sister)
Ace: Lance
Class: Knight
Birthplace: Bronquia
First Appearance: BF02
Height: about 175 cm
Favorite edible: Apples
Loathe Edible: Milk

Leon (レオン Reon?) is a character in Yggdra Union, Blaze Union, and Yggdra Unison. He is a twenty two-year-old knight with a violent and gruff personality. He is one of Gulcasa's Five Dragon Generals and known for his title as a "Black Knight". Leon presents himself as merciless, bloodthirsty, and sadistic. He appears several times in the early part of the story, and attacks the Royal Army ferociously. Everyone seems to dislike him but his own men, but Roswell in particular hates Leon for betraying him and trying to kill him at Verlaine Hills. His sister Elena, who is six years younger, explains to the Royal Army that he wasn't always so despicable, but that whatever he's been through in the war has turned him into a downright evil man who kills everything in his path and likes to torture civilians. Elena joined the Imperial Army to observe him, and kill him if she had to. He defended Galleon Prison from the Royal Army at the Gate of Atonement in his final moments, leaving Elena to bury her older brother with a heavy heart.

In the side materials, it's revealed that Leon started to lose his mind when Gulcasa's predecessor executed his and Elena's parents on suspicion of treason. Like Gulcasa, he also hates milk. Leon's favorite food is apples. He's voiced by Kaneko Hidehiko in the PSP version.


  • Brascendo: A demonic spear that slowly eat's it's bearer soul. (Only if Roswell is spared)
  • Catastrophe: Leon's demonic spear that buries everything in darkness.
  • Knight Killer: An infamous spear that sent many knights to their doom.
  • Phalanx: A thin, long spear to reach archers from a distance.
  • Silvia: The spear that caused the goddess Silvia much sorrow.


Leon's theme is "Violent Bravery" (荒ぶれば勇ましく Ara Bureba Isamashiku?). It is played during his attacks in Blaze Union.

Blaze Union OST - 35 Violent Bravery Leon's Theme

Blaze Union OST - 35 Violent Bravery Leon's Theme





Leon's name is Spanish for 'Lion'. This could be a pun on his rowdy, rebellious and bloodthirsty personality, as well as his leadership.

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