The Leonican race is a minority (in Gungnir) despised by the Daltans; they are subject to open animosity and oppression by their Daltan superiors. Leonicans are not considered proper citizens of Gargania and are thus condemned to live in the barren eastern regions. Leonicans are considered "cursed" by the Daltan citizens and are viewed by them with no more importance than bacteria.

Due to the horrendous and undeserved circumstances under which the Leonicans must live, they in turn reciprocate the hatred that the Daltans treat them with. This maelstrom of hatred and inequality served as compulsion for many such as Ricardo Raguel and his revolutionary organization, Esperanza, to make a stand against the empire's bigotry.

Physical AttributesEdit

Gungnir does little to make the Leonican race appear distinct from other humans. However, the generic portraits and sprites used for both male and female, non-unit Leonicans adequately represent the meagerness of their quality of life. The clothing they wear and their overall liveliness and health pale in comparison to those of the Daltans, which is clear to see in the in-game artwork.

Leonican SociologyEdit

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