Light Slasher (閃光のグラニエル Senkō no granieru?, Graniel of Light) is a recurring weapon in Dept. Heaven. franchise.

Light Slasher
Light Slasher KitN sprite
Type Hermit
Element Lightning
Level 59
Law Attack Current Cross -> Generator Cross
Chaos Attack Lightning Thrust -> Charged Thrust
Effect 1 60
Effect 2 99
Effect 3 25

Phase Name Damage Hits Total
Law Current Cross -> Generator Cross 498 11 5478
Chaos Lightning Thrust -> Charged Thrust 811 6 4866


  • Weapon Type: Dagger
  • Grade: 4 Star
  • Affinity: Air


  • Base Power: 149
  • Main Action II: Blinding Flash (N)
  • Main Action III: Silver Rapids (A)
  • Main Action IV: Tornado Scythe (A, Sleep)
  • Beat: Sleep




This weapon cannot be bought or sold, having no cost value.

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