Lightning Call is a Lv. 2 Over Skill that Ein learns with the Naga Fang. This skill is one of the better early game ones because it requires very few Naga Fang uses to learn (only three, which is half of the amount that most Lv. 2 OS's require), does a sizeable amount of damage, and allows the player to score high ranks on the early battles in stage 2 before Practice becomes available. It remains useful until the item is used up due to its accuracy and property of being unguardable.


Lightning Call Stats
Type Lightning Magic
Power 72
Hits 3
Accuracy 100%
Base Wait 55
Variance 7%
Target Far enemy
Effects Unblockable
Skill Level 2
Skill Up 3

Quotes Edit

Ein: 'Lightning, crash down from the skies!'

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