Lost Ceremony (千夜聖夜の秘槌 Sen'yaseiya no hitsuchi, lit. Occult Crosier of Sacred Night Rites?) is a weapon in Knights in the Nightmare. It is the ultimate piece of equipment available to Priestesses, which can normally be used to its full capacity only by Lyzz and Meryl.

Lost Ceremony
Lost Ceremony KitN sprite
Type Priestess
Element Sanctity
Level 62
Law Attack Holy Brazier -> Holy Grail
Chaos Attack Reverent Blast -> Reverent Mine
Effect 1 60
Effect 2 84
Effect 3 41

Phase Name Damage Hits Total
Law Holy Brazier -> Holy Grail 2933 3 8799
Chaos Reverent Blast -> Reverent Mine 247 15 3705
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