• Lost Seraph (WSC)
  • Lost Seraph (GBA)
  • Lost Seraph (PSP)
"Burn in crimson flames. Lost Seraph!!!"

- Ledah, as he proceeds to use this attack

Lost Seraph is an execution-level Over Skill useable only by Ledah. Ledah later drops it in favor of Crimson Courreges and Rose Kreuz, when fought as a boss late into the game. As Ledah executes Lost Seraph, he exclaims: "Thy sins shall be purged... LOST SERAPH!!!" Upon the attack's end, Ledah states: "Pay for your sins with death", and his victory quote changes to: "Judgement has been passed".


"The Scarlet Flames shall envelope evil"

  • Breaks Over Drive Meter


Lost Seraph Stats
Type Fire Attack
Power 100
Hits 8
Accuracy 110%
Base Wait 80
Variance 10%
Target Close enemy
Effects Ultima!!
Skill Level EXL

Ledah lost seraph

Ledah lost seraph