Milanor receives +2 GEN in MVP

MVP is a reward mechanic used only in the Yggdra Union series which grants a random stat bonus to the unit that inflicts the heaviest Morale damage. Typically, the stat bonus is +1, but if the Battlefield is completed quickly enough, +2 will be earned. Taking advantage of the MVP system is a good way to more quickly strengthen a unit. That said, the player must ensure that the unit in question sees the most action, while not sacrificing too much efficiency. Having the unit face off against the boss of the map also greatly improves their chances of earning the MVP reward. The criteria for achieving the +2 bonus varies per Battle Field.

Blaze UnionEdit

The MVP system underwent a few changes in the prequel, Blaze Union. Now, whoever achieves MVP will be awarded a permanent increase of 300 points to their Morale. If the map is cleared quickly enough, the MVP unit will then receive a +1 bonus to a stat, in addition to the aforementioned morale boost. Unlike YU, however, the bonuses are no longer randomized, and instead each BF has a fixed stat bonus.

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