Magda L. Kialoster
"I believed them all... I wanted to solve our conflicts with words, not swords."
Knight of Aventheim
Title Sword Dancer
Kana マゼンダ=L.キアロスタ
Romaji Mazenda L. Kiarosuta
Japanese Name Magenda L. Kiarosta
Race Rondalia
Sex Female
Age 36
Order 8th
Unit Class Duelist
Element Sanctity
Level 31
Encountered Scene 26
Item Old Earrings
Route Mellia
Magda, also known as Magenda is a playable character in Knights in the Nightmare.

Base StatsEdit

Lv 31
VIT 58
L.I 79
C.I 32
LOY 57%

Website DescriptionEdit

Wife of Rudolf, she is a knight of compassion. As the tactics officer of the 8th Order, she places her values on peace and camaraderie among the knights.

Tome DescriptionEdit

Above all else, she values camaraderie and family values. This is not surprising since she is married to a fellow knight, Rudolf. She is not very intimidating and consequently is often underestimated by her opponents. Magda has learned to use this to her advantage on the battlefield. In her spare time, she collects antiques.


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Rudolf, A Loving Husband: "Rudolf has a commanding presence in his order."
  • On Rudolf, A Loving Husband: "My husband... looks okay. Looks aren't everything."
  • On Rudolf, A Loving Husband: "Rudolf is very taken by armor."
  • On Wurger, A Stubborn Bully: "What is it with him!? I saw him making children cry!"
  • On Wurger, A Stubborn Bully: "Wurger is so inflexible, he becomes a burden."
  • On Roslip, A Relative: "She's always had such a pretty face."
  • On Roslip, A Relative: "Children grow up so fast..."
  • On Gwen, An Effeminate Man: "I never imagined such a pretty man could exist!"
  • On Gwen, An Effeminate Man: "Oh my, I accidentally made a rude comment to him..."
  • On Maginot, A Relative: "I couldn't tell you how old Maginot is."
  • On Maginot, A Relative: "I hear her daughter is in an elite education program."
  • On Vishna, A Fallen Superior: "General Vishna accused General Algiery of treason."
  • On Aquina, A Fallen Superior: "What is General Aquina thinking, acting like that?"
  • "The prince's supporters are dangerous. I know that now."
  • "Our inability to trust our fellow knights is shameful."
  • "I know how I look, but I am confident in my skill."
  • "I believe talking can solve most of our problems."
  • "Once accusations fly, the threads begin to unravel."
  • "Unbelievable. The prince's supporters staged a revolt."

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "I went to the city with friends and I bought them."
  • "Antiques give significance to time. They're wonderful."


  • "I know how I look, but I am confident in my skill."

Level Up:Edit

  • "What would my husband say if he saw this power?"
  • "Wow, this makes me happy."
  • "Will this help me help everyone?"
  • "I will work until we've reclaimed this world."


  • "I see... Perhaps it's time to contemplate things."
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