Mahmoud Gary Murdock
"The confidence I placed in myself and my magic was reckless..."
Knight of Aventheim
Title Solemn Ancient
Kana マームード=ガナリ=マードック
Romaji Māmūdo Ganari Mādokku
Japanese Name Mahmoud Ganary Murdoch
Race Ingeid
Sex Male
Age 68
Order 8th
Unit Class Wizard
Element Darkness
Level 38
Encountered Scene 32
Item Looking Glass
Route Maria

Mahmoud is a playable character in Knights in the Nightmare.

Base StatsEdit

Lv 38
VIT 34
L.I 32
C.I 98
LOY 36%

Website Description Edit

He is hailed throughout the kingdom for his expertise in magic. Before disaster struck, he never doubted his skills would serve the kingdom's best interests.

Tome Description Edit

Once arrogant and reckless mage, he was known for being cold and unmerciful toward others. However, when his prized student, Baltar, lost respect for his master and left, Mahmoud began to see the error of his ways. After reforming, he vowed to never again take on any disciples, much to Pilgrim's chagrin.


Pause Talk:Edit

  • "When my time comes, I will leave it all to our youth."
  • On Rolf, A Talented Wizard: "Melange thinks highly of himself as well."
  • ON Baltar, The Ideal Man: "He would never use his power for ill will."
  • On Baltar, The Ideal Man: "I believe I understand what he was telling me."
  • "When this is over, I will end my days as a knight."
  • On Wunsche, A Man to Avoid: "I questioned my sight when I saw him as a knight."
  • On Mardin, A Skilled Knight: "Mardin is fond of Wunsche, as are many, I suppose."
  • On Melange, A High Wizard: "I have nothing but praise for Melange's skills."
  • "I must atone for the mistakes I've made."
  • "Where do the monsters come from!? They do not end!"
  • On Yelma, A Dangerous One: "That witch is on the wrong path. She is corrupted."
  • "Everything happened in an instant. What could we do?"
  • "I will never take another apprentice again."
  • "I wanted to believe my power could save us all..."
  • "I only worked to protect the citizens. Yet..."
  • "I never stood a chance, such was their power..."
  • "The monster's attack was a thunderclap in a blue sky."
  • "Growing older allows you to see what was once hidden."
  • "Power is neither good or evil. The user, however..."

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "It's been difficult to see things up close these days."


  • "My wisdom will prove worthy of your company."

Level Up:Edit

  • "I must continue to work. That's what this means?"
  • "I feel my spirit being cleansed..."
  • "I wonder if I can be use now?"
  • "Nothing trumps true experience..."


  • "If I did not meet your standards, I shall retire."
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