Maimi Middel Brouden
Maimi KitN portrait
Basic info
Kana マイミィ=マドル=ブロウデン
Romaji Maimii Madoru Burouden
Location Scene 7
Key Item Hair Ribbon

Maimi (マイミィ Maimii?) is a non-playable character in Knights in the Nightmare. She is Baltar's daughter.


Pause TalkEdit

  • On Baltar, A Loving Father: "My father says the new soldiers aren't behaving."
  • On Baltar, A Loving Father: "Father is busy. He doesn't come home very often..."
  • On Gudrun, A Knight: "I heard a knight in the castle looks just like me!"
  • On Aura, A Neighbor: "I think Aura's grandpa is very strict."
  • On Aura, A Neighbor: "I was invited to a party at Aura's."
  • On Olson, An Intriguing Man: "I go to that bookstore with Aura sometimes."
  • On Olson, An Intriguing Man: "There's a man there I've been curious about..."
  • On Olson, An Intriguing Man: "I wish I had an older brother like Mr. Olson..."
  • On Donald, A Town Musician: "I like the sound of a lute, but I love the piano!"
  • On Gilder, A Courier Man: "A package came while I was home. I signed for it!"
  • On Belinda, A Yummy Bakery: "The cookies I had were from Ms. Belinda's shop."
  • On Belinda, A Yummy Bakery: "I was given such tasty cookies the other day..."
  • On Aura, A Neighbor: "People always think that Aura is older than me."
  • On Zolgonark, A Haunting Image: "I dreamt something came up out of the darkness..."
  • "I'm really good at playing the piano, you know."
  • "Mother said she'd have a new dress tailored for me."
  • "I had a nice dream... but I don't remember it now."
  • "Who are you...?"
  • "In summers, I go to our forest vacation house."
  • "The knights are with me. I'm not afraid of monsters."
  • "I love frilly clothes!"
  • "I saw a ghost in the forest! I-It's true!"
  • "I've heard thieves are prowling in the night..."

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "I love my grandfather and grandmother, and everyone!"
  • "I love ribbons!"
  • "My grandmother gave me this ribbon."
  • "This ribbon is my favorite one!"