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I shall guide you to the place where you belong.

Maria (マリア Maria?) is the heroine in Knights in the Nightmare in red path. She is a beautiful angel in armor also known as Armored Maiden, the one who took the wisp from the Aventheim Castle. She appears in Scene 10 to offer the wisp her help, and in exchange she asked for the wisp's strength to defeat her half, Melissa. Both Maria and Melissa are looking for the Holy Staff, Ancardia. If Maria finds Ancardia, this results in the game's good ending; if not, there will be no good ending.

Maria is actually the archangel Marietta who asked Zolgonark to separate her bad side from her good side, so she can become pure. However, Zolgonark split her into two: Maria as her good side, and Melissa as her bad side; Melissa served under him. In the good ending, Maria will become Marietta and return to Asgard to be punished.

Maria's key item is Dark Wings. When the Dark Wings is attached to her, she will gain her Ex-Skill that can be used in the Law Phase.

Maria's class is Valkyrie.

Lv 20
VIT 7.77
L.I 96
C.I 74
LOY 0%

Website Description[]

A mysterious maiden, clad in golden armor. She offers her cooperation to the Wisp for unknown reasons, serving as its guide for what she knows it seeks.


Maria's battle theme is "Maria Sortie!" (マリア出撃! Maria Shutsugeki!?), also known as "Angel of Pride". It is played during Scene 10, Scene 12, and Scene 28 in Maria's story mode.


Knights in the Nightmare Music - Maria Sortie!

Maria Sortie! (DS)


Knights in the Nightmare OST (PSP) - Maria Sortie!

Maria Sortie! (PSP)

Pause Talk[]


  • "I fully understand what I have done."
  • "There's... nothing more to fear..."
  • "History repeats itself... But I will stop it!"
  • "I will not allow any more interference..."
  • "If I do not end this here, all will..."
  • "I cannot stop fighting because of my mistakes!"

Scene 28[]

  • "I do not care what happens to me. He must be stopped."
  • "I must do what I can to end this source of evil..."
  • On Zolgonark, Lord Zolgonark: "I can feel his pulse of terror, but I cannot lose!"
  • On Melad Margus, A Malicious Entity: "If we do not stop her, even Asgard will fall..."

Scene 47[]

  • "I cannot hesitate any longer!"
  • "I will put everything on the line for this battle."
  • "This world is a barrier. We cannot let it fall!"
  • On Wilmgard, Arbitrator's Heir: "King Wilmgard, please lend me the Arbitrator's power!"
  • On Wilmgard, Arbitrator's Heir: "I will release my power. Will you come with me?"
  • On Melissa, Her Other Half: "What was once one... cannot exist as two!"

Using Key Item[]

  • On Mellia, Her Other Half: "My... other half..."
  • On Mellia, Her Other Half: "Neither of us can run away from what we did..."