Maya O. Jidish
Basic info
Kana メイスン=O.ジディシモノフ
Romaji Meisun O. Jidishimonofu
Location Scene 21
Key Item Table Napkin

Maya (メイスン Meisun?) is a non-playable character in Knights in the Nightmare.


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Seriee, A Brave Girl: "I always thought that Seriee was a boy."
  • On Seriee, A Brave Girl: "I knew she was a girl from looking at her eyelashes."
  • On Seriee, A Brave Girl: "I was so surprised girls could be so brave!"
  • On Lucana, A Cute Maid: "I saw her ripping the sheets in the laundry..."
  • On Lucana, A Cute Maid: "I have a niece about Lucana's age."
  • On Schweiz, A Strict Official: "I spilled soap and someone important slipped on it..."
  • On Schweiz, A Strict Official: "I've been requesting better laundry soap."
  • On Margaret, An Aged Librarian: "The bugs make it hard work to take care of the books."
  • On Woosh, A Kind Knight: "Some knights are arrogant, but some are very kind."
  • On Woosh, A Kind Knight: "I wonder if that knight is interested in rumors..."
  • "There was a problem in the city... I was shaking..."
  • On Bergman, The Knights: "I can't believe the resistance was doomed..."
  • On Bergman, The Knights: "I'm worried about our resistance knights..."
  • On Bergman, The Knights: "I'm so worried about them..."
  • "Day after day, I wash the linens."
  • "It's called the army band? It sounds like fun."
  • "Work all you want, living doesn't get easier."
  • "I make mistakes too, so I shouldn't talk."
  • "I've worked here a while, but I've never seen this."
  • "My husband is so lazy... I wish he could work."
  • "It was so much noise. I thought I heard a scream."
  • "There was nothing commoners like us could do..."

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "I'm just a servant."
  • "The world sure is becoming more violent."
  • "You hear a lot of rumors working at the castle."
  • On Wilmgard, A Nostalgic Ally: "Are you... a person of this court?"
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