Melange Kiev Dotorov
Knight of Aventheim
Title Wise Cider
Kana ムーランジュ=キエフ=ドクトロワ
Romaji Mūranju Kiefu Dokutorowa
Japanese Name Moulounge Kiev Doctrois
Race Ingeid
Sex Male
Age 70
Order 5th
Unit Class Wizard
Element Fire
Level 30
Encountered Scene 24
Item Armor Piece
Route Mellia
Melange, also known as Moulounge is a playable character in Knights in the Nightmare.

Base StatsEdit

Lv 30
VIT 40
L.I 98
C.I 59
LOY 68%

Tome descriptionEdit

"Often lost in thought, Melange is extremely introspective and reflective. He is haunted by regrets of not being able to save Levi's life, and although it falls on deaf ears, Levi's friend Basturk has tried to counsel him on many occasions. Melange and his longtime academic rival, Mahmoud, have become masters in different spheres of magic."


Pause Talk:

  • "Must I still be in pain?"
  • On Basturk, One Let Down: "In battle, the smallest error can cost lives."
  • On Madra, A Curiousity: "I worry for the safety of that blind woman..."
  • On Morgan, An Apprentice: "A young man, Morgan, stayed with the old, blind woman."
  • On Rolf, One With a Future: "Rolf will be a great man, some day."
  • On Rolf, One With a Future: "I wish we had him in our order."
  • On Mahmoud, A Stubborn Miser: "He would not hesitate to use force for the kingdom."
  • On Mahmoud, A Stubborn Miser: "Mahmoud has never listened to me. He's too stubborn."
  • On Mahmoud, A Stubborn Miser: "When you have a good rival, your skill grows quickly."
  • "Rumors say Nordich's men may have killed the king..."
  • On Nordich, An Immature Heir: "The prince needed more time to be worthy of the throne."
  • On Nordich, An Immature Heir: "The king must have worried endlessly about the prince."
  • On Wilmgard, An Exposed King: "Nordich's men must have had a role in the king's death."
  • On Otto, A Minion of Evil: "Rumors of the exploitation abound about a court man..."
  • "I've heard that laborers were exploited in the west."
  • "I wonder if my magic helped lead the kingdom correctly..."
  • "I can't believe that the prince could... The king..."

Using Key Item:

  • I am not bound to the past, nor can I erase it..."
  • "I'll never forget that day..."


  • "If there is room for me to help, I shall be there..."

Level Up:

  • "Power... hmm?"
  • "I must be strong for all of my soldiers and men."
  • "I shall receive what is given with gratitude."
  • "I would not regret death in the coming battles."


  • "Then let it be so."
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