Melfi Keonig
Basic info
Kana メルフィ=キャニング
Romaji Merufi Kyaningu
Location Scene 5
Key Item Dry Grass

Melfi (メルフィ Merufi?) is a non-playable character in Knights in the Nightmare.


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Monk, A Neighbor: "Mr. Monk sometimes comes to help me with my work."
  • On Monk, A Neighbor: "Their field is considerably larger than ours..."
  • On Monk, A Neighbor: "I hear even Mr. Monk's farm isn't doing well..."
  • On Grimwad, A Kind Face: "Ms. Woosh's superior looked like such a kind person."
  • On Woosh, A Motherly Lady: "Ms. Woosh is taking care of me, so I'm alright..."
  • On Woosh, A Motherly Lady: "If I had a mother, she'd be a lot like her."
  • On Isabel, A Neighbor: "That bread that Ms. Isabel gives me is so good."
  • On Isabel, A Neighbor: "If I get a good milk, I'll take it to her again."
  • On Reuben, A Neighbor: "He doesn't seem to be feeling well. I'm worried."
  • On Belinda, A Good Baker: "I always have tea and cookies on Sundays."
  • On Sven, A Painter: "I know of someone who painted our farm."
  • "It's hard to get used to mornings on a farm."
  • "I have to fix the hole in the barn's roof soon."
  • "I got a new Yakut. They're so fluffy and cute."
  • "I wish I could talk to someone about things..."
  • "I'm worried... The calves aren't growing very well."
  • "I have to protect this farm... for my parents..."
  • "I hear thunder a lot... Is it a bad omen?"
  • "What if I cant afford the feed for the winter?"
  • "Animals are sensitive. They can feel change."
  • "I have to get ready for winter pretty soon."
  • "If I sell enough milk, I can fix the roof..."
  • "I think the key to success is love..."
  • "Some cattle escaped... That was quite a fiasco."

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "You have to be careful about the amount of the feed."
  • "I like the smell of dry grass."
  • "Both people and animals should have orderly lives."
  • "Dry grass is heavier than it looks, you know..."