Merrick Alex Carolla
Basic info
Kana メイリッヒ=ラグ=カレール
Romaji Meirihhi Ragu Karēru
Location Scene 26
Key Item Rose

Merrick (メイリッヒ Meirihhi?) is a non-playable character in Knights in the Nightmare.


Pause Talk:

  • On Bergman, A Knight: "I'm not interested in knights. They're so rash."
  • On Bergman, A Knight: "A young knight with spiky hair... He did stand out."
  • On Alfred, A Wary Knight: "Why do I feel like someone is watching me sometimes?"
  • On Salida, A Witless Vendor: "I turned away a vendor who looked too shifty."
  • On Salida, A Witless Vendor: "You have no common sense if you're pawning wares here."
  • On Nestor, A Blonde Boy: "I don't really know how to handle children..."
  • On Nestor, A Blonde Boy: "I don't like children and their random crying."
  • On Nestor, A Blonde Boy: "A blonde boy was lost in the castle the other day."
  • On Diane, A Veteran Maid: "The book Diane recommended was better than I thought."
  • On Piche, A Sheltered Girl: "Miss Piche is so sheltered. She should see the world."
  • "The knights are so boorish. It causes trouble."
  • "The nobles are so arrogant."
  • "I hear many places in the castle are unclean."
  • "The court maids have no education."
  • "The court women talk about such worthless things..."
  • "Please lower your voices inside the castle."
  • "I... um... don't speak... well around... uh... men..."
  • "It's nostalgic to think about my girls' school..."
  • "I think this castle is too open to the public..."
  • "I don't like people much... Please keep your distance."

Using Key Item:

  • "Why... this is a beautiful rose."
  • "I'm not much for plants, but I love roses."
  • "Roses are beautiful, even with thorns."
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