Mimic is a special enemy class in Knights in the Nightmare. It is randomly encountered by opening treasure chests; if a low-pitched signal is heard and the box is slow to open, it is a Mimic. This enemy has no attacks except a volley of shards fired when it appears. The Mimic's element appears to be determined in a random fashion, with some preference given to the element of the attack used to open the treasure chest.

Unlike other foes, mimics move about in a random pattern initially, and are capable of jumping to small heights. In return for this mobility, a mimic will usually take long pauses between movements, making it an easy target. After some time passes, a random tile will be marked as an escape and the mimic will move towards it immediately. If it escapes or the round ends before the mimic is defeated, the treasure chest and its contents will reappear in several rounds.

There is a beneficial side effect to encountering a Mimic: defeating it destroys the chest without additional actions from the Warriors.

Description: Edit

  • Neutral - Luggage
  • Fire - Pyro Fraud
  • Ice - Icebox
  • Lightning - Hidden Storm
  • Sanctity - Argent Relic
  • Darkness - Shapeshifter

Pause Talk: Edit

  • "Skrahahaha!"
  • "Skahurrahahaha!""
  • "Brraaaaaah!"
  • "Mweheehee..."
  • "Where's Jaja!?"
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