Mireno Cemetery is the fifth stage in Riviera: The Promised Land. This stage begins at the Chapter 5 - Eternal Beings.

Ghost Town Edit

"A ghost town in northeastern Riviera. An underground catacomb lies beneath it."

Pilgrimage Way Edit

"A dark path leading toward the cemetery's undreground caverns. Torches illuminate the path."

Cemetery Entrance Edit

"The Pilgrimage Way leads to this ivy infested area. There are two entrances: north and south."

South Entrance Edit

"Yumel, Iduna, and Teula rest in this part of the catacombs."

North Entrance Edit

"Xenon, Lokin, and Askus rest in this section of the catacombs."

Underground Lake Edit

"A large lake of collected rain water. The clarity makes it appear shallow, but it's actually quite deep."

A complete guide for this section of the stage can be found here.

Crystal Sanctuary Edit

"Giant crystals stand within each sacred shrine, silently illuminating the darkness."

Gate to Hell Edit

"A dungeon deep below the ground, unkown to man. What secrets does this forsaken maze hide?"

Pieta Edit

"The holy land of death that lies beyond the lake. Poisonous air leads visitors to their untimely deaths."

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