Misleen Eri Berton
"Though I am a knight, I fear to harm others..."
Knight of Aventheim
Title Dusk Requiem
Kana マイスリーン=エリ=ベルトラン
Romaji Maisurīn Eri Berutoran
Japanese Name Mysleen Ellie Bertrand
Race Ingeid
Sex Female
Age 27
Order 7th
Unit Class Priestess
Element Lightning
Level 30
Encountered Scene 31
Item Healing Herbs
Route Both

Misleen, also known as Mysleen is a playable character in Knights in the Nightmare.

Base StatsEdit

Lv 30
VIT 23
L.I 68
C.I 24
LOY 46%

Website DescriptionEdit

A low-ranking priestess whose frailty proves her undoing in physical tasks. She keeps a supply of medicinal herbs at her side.

Tome Description Edit

"She did not enter knighthood to fight, but rather, she wants to help those in need. Misleen is a somewhat sickly girl who has been relying on Yantana's herbs her whole life. It pains her that her body is so weak because she wishes she could help more people. She and Kulich have been good friends since before joining the knights."


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Rosa, A Beautiful Lady: "I am envious of Rosa."
  • On Rosa, A Beautiful Lady: "A lot of people go to her for advice."
  • "My body is weak, but I do have strong concentration."
  • On Yantana, A Medicine Doctor: "I've been taking Yantana's medicine since I was young."
  • On Yantana, A Medicine Doctor: "Her knowledge is beyond compare. I'm sure of it."
  • On Kulich, A Weak Ally: "I hear Kulich was also born with a weak body."
  • On Kulich, A Weak Ally: "I've really gotten to know Kulich."
  • On Sofine, Kulich's Sister: "I guess Sofine is Kulich's little sister?"
  • On Gert, A Gentle Old Man: "When Gert taught me how to blend herbs, I was happy."
  • "We all bleed the same color. Skin doesn't matter."
  • On Wilmgard, A Departed King: "King Wilmgard's body should also within the area..."
  • "I heard they bury the royal family with treasure."
  • "This is the grave of our deceased royal family..."
  • "Thieves try to steal the royal treasures. It's sad."
  • "If I read every book in the world, I'd still be weak."
  • "It's inconvenient to have such a weak physique..."
  • "Ethnicity doesn't matter. We're all different anyway."
  • "I became a priestess to help those in need, but..."
  • "The changing weather is making the herbs suffer."
  • "I don't do well with greasy food."
  • "I'd like a world where one can dream, and then do it."

Using key item:Edit

  • "I've taken medicine for a long time. I know herbs."
  • "The remedy maintains the entire body's health."
  • "I could have pursued being a medicinal doctor too."


  • "I'm not very athletic, but I'll do the best I can."

Level Up:Edit

  • "I will live up to everyone's expectations!"
  • "Maybe I can be of a little help to you now..."
  • "Have I really become stronger?"
  • "Well, leveling won't make me more coordinated..."


  • "...Just as I thought. I'm being tossed aside."
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