Mistel 2
Basic info
Gender Female
Japanese Voice Actor Kamada Kozue
English Voice Actor Kate Higgins
Age: 28
Race: Human
Family: Bly (Grandfather)
Ace: Scythe
Class: Tactician
Height: cm

Mistel (ミステール Misutēru?) is a PSP-exclusive character in Yggdra Union. She is the granddaughter of Bly, a famous tactician who once served Yggdra's father and grandfather. She joins the Royal Army in her grandfather's place after they seek him out for help, and is revealed to actually possess a fair bit of Bly's tactical skills. Despite the fact that she grew up in her family's hermitage in the Lenessey Mountains, she's surprisingly powerful (perhaps because she does all the farming and housework), and wields a scythe.


Mistel is cheery, hardheaded, and "sheltered" according to Bly himself. She has a bit of a unique way of looking at things. Mistel refers to herself as a housewife, although according to side materials, her fiancé ran off before they could get married. Ironically, she shamelessly flirts with Durant and Roswell. At twenty-eight years of age, she's the oldest member of the Royal Army.

Recruitment MethodEdit

As mentioned before, Mistel can only be had in the PSP version; she is an optional, interesting unit that can only be recruited on a PSP-exclusive Battle Field. In BF13-2 Pt 2, there are a couple of villages that are not present in the GBA version; visiting these villages with any unit will trigger the events that will lead into the PSP-exclusive Battle Field 14-1. She appears as ally (green) unit after turn 7, but only after at least one engagement has ensued.

Base StatsEdit

Stats GEN ATK TEC LUK Morale
2,7 2,5 2,5 1,9 4460/4680
Abilities Ability 1 Ability 2 Ability 3 Ability 4 Equipment
Town ☻ None None None No battle penalty



Mistel's theme is "Mistel Sortie!" (ミステール出撃! Misutēru Shutsugeki?). It is played during Mistel's battles.

Yggdra Union OST (PSP) - Mistel Sortie!

Yggdra Union OST (PSP) - Mistel Sortie!

Mistel's Battle Theme



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