Basic info
Gender Male
Japanese Voice Actor Miyake Junichi
English Voice Actor Troy Baker
Age: Blaze Union: 18

Yggdra Union: 21

Race: Human
Family:  ???
Class: Hunter
Height: 167 cm
Favorite edible: Rice Ball

Mizer (ミゼル Mizeru?) is a twenty-one-year-old bounty hunter who harries the Royal Army several times throughout the game in an attempt to capture Yggdra. He's also shown once pursuing the bounty on Cruz. His persistence is noted by several characters, as Milanor jokes that Mizer probably has a crush on her, but Mizer is known to act cautiously and retreat once he's taken a certain amount of damage. He's also known for spending all the money he wins from bounties on shoes, and for becoming ridiculously difficult to fight in the remake, when he was something of a gag character in the original. It is revealed in the prequel game, Blaze Union, that Mizer hails from Drominos Marsh.

Mizer is the only enemy character who ultimately survives confronting the Royal Army, as he eventually just gives up. It is possible he was killed when he failed again after clashes on Nyllard Desert after his final words, "If it's going to paycheck or my life, I'm going with my life. Retreat!"


  • Dragon Boots : Fashionable boots made with dragon scales.
  • Hoof Shoes : A Pair of shoes that looks like horse's hooves.
  • Ranger Boots : Boots that let the wearer walk over any terrain.
  • Tough Boots : Special boots to wade through poison marshes.
  • Winged Sandal : Stylish sandals with small wings on the anklets.





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