"We're through talking, Royals. We've said all we need to say! We'll never let you take our beloved Bronquia... If you want to pass, you'll do it over our dead bodies!"

Monica (モニカ Monika?) is a sixteen-year-old Bronquian peasant. She and her childhood friend Canaan were the ones who gathered the youths of their village, Bardot, and formed a militia to try to stop the Royal Army's invasion. As they don't know much about combat, though, Monica and her forces are unable to stand up to Yggdra's army, and are killed trying to defend their homeland.

Emilia, the only Imperial commander available, tries to save them but doesn't make it in time.

The game's extras reveal that Monica is a pious follower of the Meria religion. She decided to fight the Royal Army because of "divine inspiration". Her character is comparable to Yggdra's at the beginning of the game. She's voiced by Yui Sakakibara in Japanese and Wendee Lee in English.




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