Monk Walsh
Basic info
Kana モニック=ウェルシュ
Romaji Monikku Werushu
Location Scene 5
Key Item Hoe

Monk (モニック Monikku?) is a non-playable character in Knights in the Nightmare. He is a farmer who lived in Regnieburg. He has a close friend, Werner.


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Werner, A Close Friend: "He's so nice that he gets in over his head at times."
  • On Werner, A Close Friend: "Being torn between two sides must be hard..."
  • On Werner, A Close Friend: "He was complaining about a vase he bought..."
  • On Melfi, a Diligent Girl: "I know of a girl who's managing a farm alone."
  • On Melfi, A Diligent Girl: "I wonder what she's doing right now..."
  • On Woosh, A Pretty Lady: "I saw someone who looked like Melfi's mom with her."
  • On Woosh, A Pretty Lady: "She had such a sad smile. I wonder why..."
  • On Silvano, Werner's Superior: "Werner was talking about Silvano proudly."
  • On Silvano, Werner's Superior: "I hear she always protects her subordinates."
  • On Olson, A Bookstore: "I was going to study at the bookstore, but..."
  • On Olson, A Bookstore: "The books were difficult, so I read poetry instead."
  • On Mervyn, A Poetry Author: "If I gave Melfi a poetry book, would she be happy?"
  • "I wish I had something to believe in these times..."
  • "I have a hard time expressing my feelings..."
  • "My stupid dad keeps saying he wants grandkids..."
  • "My mom keeps telling me to find a wife... *sigh*"
  • "I worry for my field with all this talk of monsters."
  • "Sometimes the forest animals get to my field..."
  • "Farming is the only thing I'm good at."
  • "The wheat hasn't been growing as well lately..."
  • "When you can't harvest as much, prices go up."
  • "Maybe farming isn't enough..."
  • "What if one day my harvest isn't enough?"
  • "But like my father said, I must persevere."

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "I need to cultivate the soil well."
  • "Cultivation is hard work, bit I've grown muscular."
  • "It's almost time for the harvest..."
  • "I'm used to farm work now."
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