The Moondrop is an Event Item in Riviera: The Promised Land. If Ein gives it to Meute, her ailment will be cured. Meute will give him an Ice Javelin in return.

Acquirement Method: A string of events need to transpire to obtain the Moondrop. First, inspect the Moon Lilies in the first room of Moonlit Courtyard. Next, head downward from the second room to the fountain, and scoop up some water with your hands. The water will not last long, so return to the flowers quickly. On your way back, Lina will rush; if one chooses to let her trip, you will not have to repeat the process to get more water. Lastly, water the Moon Lilies in Look Mode ASAP to obtain the Moondrop.

Function: Submit to Meute in return for an Ice Javelin x50.

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