Morale is used within the Yggdra Union subseries as a sort of life bar for all units, be them playable or enemy. As typical with any health meter, if morale is reduced to zero (0), the unit is expelled and/or suffers a Zero Reset. Morale can be restored by the use of Medallions, or by sacrificing items found throughout the many battle fields. Morale is subtracted when a clash is lost, using a damage calculation based on the power of the Card used, ability difference, casualties received in the winner's party, terrain bonus subtraction (GBA version), whether or not the head survived the battle, and other special conditions such as Critical Hits. In the PSP games, Morale is completely restored to a unit that levels up, decreasing the need for recovery items such as Medallions, and making the overall experience much less tense and difficult.

Cannon/Ankh DamageEdit

Cannons and Ankhs are devastating and extremely annoying to the player as they can inflict approximately 10% damage to the current morale of all enemy units within it's range, which is indicated by red-colored grid tiles. These weapons make Morale damage in any playthrough 100% inevitable. Used against your opponents, however, it's a very relieving asset to your army. Cannons do not fire at night, but Ankhs will. 

Morale-Effecting Items/StatusesEdit

There exists a large amount of items, statuses, and abilities throughout each Union game that can effect Morale. Some items such as the Brave Ring replenish a certain percentage under special requirements each turn. Meanwhile, there are several Statuses that are centered around the morale system as well. These include the following:

  • High - This status bolsters the unit's performance in battle, giving them automatic Rage mode (if an enemy), and auto-restoring all morale damage at the start of their turn. This status makes the affected unit completely broken and very difficult to eliminate. High also guards against status problems (ex. Curse) and special abilities like Milanor's Steal.
  • Protect - This status prevents the affected unit from dying until certain events transpire first. Because of this, the enemy unit can continue to attack you and there is nothing you can do about it until things drag out long enough. This is because said unit(s) is/are important to the events in the battlefield, and them dying before those events can occur would conflict with the story's progression. When compounded with the High status mentioned earlier, it can create a very cheap way to cause massive morale loss.
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