Morgan Y.H. Kounen
Morgan KitN portrait
Basic info
Kana モルガン=Y.H.クーネン
Romaji Morugan Y. H. Kūnen
Location Scene 36
Key Item Flint

Morgan (モルガン Morugan?) is a non-playable character in Knights in the Nightmare.


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Sienna, A Mourning Woman: "A woman with sad eyes passed by here..."
  • On Sienna, A Mourning Woman: "Her purple eyes stood out against her black attire."
  • On Sienna, A Mourning Woman: "As long as there is a memory, they are not gone."
  • On Madra, An Old Friend: "She was in her teens when Madra lost her sight."
  • On Madra, An Old Friend: "I was with her... But I could do nothing..."
  • On Madra, An Old Friend: "All I could do was hold out my hand to her."
  • On Hagen, A Knight Watchman: "I have no strength to rebel. He can relax."
  • On Roslip, A Strong Girl: "A foreign girl with strong eyes told me to live..."
  • On Heckler, A Kind Boy: "That boy probably doesn't know the truth..."
  • On Aquina, A Discriminator: "Those from the chosen tribe don't understand."
  • On Wilmgard, A Caring King: "I thought life was easier under King Wilmgard."
  • "I've already given up..."
  • "I have nothihg left to lose."
  • "Poor people like us could never have built a tower."
  • "I've seen the Tiamats. They fly, hating humans..."
  • "The west was once beautiful and green..."
  • "There were some who tried to revive it..."
  • "That tower rubble is the gods' condemnation..."
  • "The Tiamats were the ones behind that tower..."
  • "We were foolish to construct such a tower..."
  • "Looking at the rubble tells me of our foolishness..."

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "Fire... and light. Their warmth has guided us."
  • "Our lives here have not been easy."
  • "We could build fire but had no water. It was life."
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