Morozof Mohr Jensen
Knight of Aventheim
Title Grand Sage
Kana モロゾフ=モーム=イェンセン
Romaji Morozofu Mōmu Yensen
Japanese Name Morozoff Maugham Jensen
Race Elvale
Sex Male
Age 57
Order 5th
Unit Class Wizard
Element Sanctity
Level 39
Encountered Scene 25
Item Black Cassock
Route Both

Morozof, also known as Morozoff is a playable character in Knights in the Nightmare. He is also the head of the 5th Order.

Base StatsEdit

Lv 39
VIT 37
L.I 72
C.I 96
LOY 65%

Tome DescriptionEdit

"Morozof is a veteran commander with an incredible insight into all matters, and he was the first to notice the conspiracy against the Prince. Outside of his knightly duties, Morozof takes great pleasure in drinking with his old time friends: Rondine and Granitz."


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Rondine, A Trusted Ally: "That man is a knight of the olden days."
  • On Rondine, A Trusted Ally: "Rondine can be fastidious about his alcohol, but..."
  • On Rondine, A Trusted Ally: "I can entrust any mission to him with absolute faith."
  • On Wilmgard, One to Respect: "On the battlefield, he was an invincible force."
  • On Reinhart, A Good Ally: "Reinhart is honest, but he is also reckless..."
  • On Reinhart, A Good Ally: "It's unfortunate that he was not by our side..."
  • On Reinhart, A Good Ally: "His loyalty is well placed. Of course, it's expected..."
  • On Baltar, An Uncertain One: "Baltar... I must act to remedy his doting nature."
  • On Rolf, A Prodigy: "He is impressive, but, alas, he is young still..."
  • On Granitz, A Trusting Ally: "Those with the same ideals as I... have all gone..."
  • On Gudrun, A Concerning One: "She is apt of ability, but battle is not her place."
  • On Atkasia, A Similar One: "I am hard pressed to tell those twins apart..."
  • On Yelma, A Dangerous Pair: "Their plans are intricate, yet they work alone. Why?"
  • On Aquina, A Troublesome One: "It is safe to assume the cardinal is behind this."
  • On Leonil, A Troublesome One: "Sir Azhan's assassination is the cardinal's work..."
  • "The Tiamats were famous for their architecture."
  • "The lifespan of the Tiamats is much longer than ours..."
  • "It is said that the castle was Tiamat engineered..."
  • "I have lost many friends to share drinks with..."
  • "At the very least, I hope some of our allies survive."
  • "The cardinal's knowledge is too deep for a human being."

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "This garb shall begin its decent of the generations."
  • "The ritual traditions necessitate garb like this."
  • "I have prevented its exposure to dust and tears."


  • "I am honored to once again aid you in battle."

Level Up:Edit

  • "What happiness..."
  • "I thank you..."
  • "I will work my old body to be of what help I can."
  • "I believe we are closer to our kingdom's rebirth..."


  • "I understand, I suppose. I had little to do here..."



Morozof in the opening of Knights in the Nightmare PSP

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