Musica Lekis Claudia
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Location Scene 44
Key Item Magatama

Musica is a non-playable character in Knights in the Nightmare.


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Magisa, A Philosopher: "Lady Magisa always told of her illness..."
  • On Magisa, A Philosopher: "Her power grew weaker as the world grow chaotic."
  • On Magisa, A Philosopher: "Magisa has a power that resonates with nature."
  • On Cherim, A Headstrong Lady: "She was always a rambunctious tomboy"
  • On Cherim, A Headstrong Lady: "Not even Cherim would stand against Gordon."
  • On Cherim, A Headstrong Lady: "Her hot-headed nature hasn't changed at all."
  • On Narhal, A Tireless Man: "Narhal wouldn't even consider giving up."
  • On Zepha, A Gentle Woman: "Zepha was probably intent on accepting destiny..."
  • On Yuga, An Angry Man: "What was he panicking about?"
  • On Capehorn, An Exiled Man: "Because of him, we are all on the brink of extinction."
  • On Capehorn, An Exiled Man: "Where did a brilliant man like that go wrong...?"
  • "I don't think all of Capehorn's ideas were bad."
  • "Well... We predicted we couldn't avoid this."
  • "Why has it come to this...?"
  • "Capehorn was... He was a Tiamat, just like us."
  • "Capehorn... he was once a good man."
  • "It is just tragic..."
  • "He was a passionate man before he went too far..."
  • "That man changed, after a certain time..."
  • "The treasonous one knew of the castle's secrets."

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "A friend gave this to me... It's important."
  • "...My friends all died early deaths."
  • "I've come this far, trying to live for everyone..."