Mystic Witch is the signature class of Pamela, both the class and the character introduced in Yggdra Union. This class was based on the preexisting Witch class, but possesses many key attribute differences that allow it to standout from its parent. Its weapon affinity is Rod, giving the class an advantage over the weapon trio, but a disadvantage against bow-wielding units.


Mystic Witch, and Pamela by extension, has abilities that differ from the Witches. Mystic Witch has no affinity with the Fire element, and thus loses the ability to both void damage from it as well as channel it during an aggressive assault. These abilities are traded with several new ones, most of which beneficial.

  • [O] GEO card anywhere: Allows for tile-dependent cards such as Ivy Whip and Sand Storm to be used anytime.
  • [O] Void ailments: Prevents status effects such as Curse.
  • [O] Item protect: Prevents the loss of an item from enemy attacks.
  • [X] < Undine: Causes a disadvantage when facing off against enemy Undines.


This class exaggerates the stats of the witch class in all areas. Therefore, the GEN and ATK stats of Mystic Witch leave much to be desired and have little chance of becoming decent without player investment. Fortunately, she makes up for it with her unrivaled TEC and LUK stats, which can and will easily max out even without the use of items. It's also worth noting that through use of Fortune, Pamela's LUK can be used to its fullest by turning it into her attack power when activated during a clash.

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