Nadia Elliott
Basic info
Kana ナージャ=エリオット
Romaji Nāja Eriotto
Location Scene 5
Key Item Crochet Needle

Nadia (ナージャ Nāja?) is a non-playable character in Knights in the Nightmare. She is Johann's mother.


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Johann, A Conscripted Son: "I hope he's not alone out there, crying to himself..."
  • On Johann, A Conscripted Son: "I'm glad to hear he shared the pie with everyone.."
  • On Johann, A Conscripted Son: "A child is a parent's pride and joy. I hope he's okay."
  • "The house has been so lonely since Johann left..."
  • On Michel, A Son's Co-Worker: "Well, I suppose not every knight can be husky."
  • On Michel, A Son's Co-Worker: " Michel joined when my son did... He was beautiful."
  • On Michel, A Son's Co-Worker: "I hear people can't even catch fish in Lake Noir..."
  • On Reuben, A Son's Co-Worker: "I hear Michel's grandfather is sick. How sad..."
  • On Gilder, A Courier: "I asked a courier to take a spare scarf to my son."
  • On Gilder, A Courier: "I wish my son were as sturdy as that man..."
  • On Melfi, A Farm Girl: "I have respect for a girl who can manage a farm!"
  • On Sven, An Artist: "Art is difficult... I never understood it much."
  • "Johann loves berry pie, so I send it to him often."
  • "I was quite a looker in my time, you know."
  • "I wish I could go back to more peaceful times..."
  • On Isabel, A Neighbor: "There's a sale today. Maybe I'll take Isabel with me."
  • "So many scary rumors... I hope that's all they are."
  • "The price of wheat has gone up again... How worrisome."
  • "It's hard to tell which of these ill rumors are true."
  • "All my plates seem to be cracking... What bad luck."
  • "Vegetables are so expensive these days..."
  • "Monsters appeared in the forest? How disturbing..."
  • "I hear there is sacred ground in the castle."

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "Nobody in the world could out-knit me!"
  • On Johann, A Conscripted Son: "I knit a sweater for my son some time ago..."
  • On Johann, A Conscripted Son: "The weather has been odd, so I sent my son a scarf."
  • "It should be warmer than any scarf he's had."
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