Skeleton-summoning sorcerers wielding rods. They summon skeletons with the skill "Necro Gate"!

Necromancer (ネクロマンサー Nekuromansā?) is a Skeleton-summoning sorcerer who wields a rod. This class is the male counterpart of Witches, and as such they wield rods, which gives them control over the weapon triangle; Rods are, in return, weak to bows. During an aggressive assault, a necromancer's attacks against their enemies gain dark elemental damage just like that of an assassin's. Only Necromancers are able to use Necro Gate to summon Skeleton soldiers. As a rod user, necromancers can be used as aces for the tactics card Flame.


Necromancers have more characteristics than Witches. Necromancers gain the ability to warp when night comes, which is a handy skill when used correctly. They also have the following abilities:

  • Void Dark - Grants immunity to Dark attacks; this is put to its best use against Assassins, as the unit will no longer take damage when the assassin becomes aggressive, helping to cover their weapon disadvantage.
  • < Holy - Necromancers take heavy damage from Holy attacks and skills.
  • > Skeletons - Necromancers crush Skeletons with minimal effort.


GEN ATK TEC LUK Size Move Weapon Formation
3 4 4 4 Small Warp Rod Cross X


In Gungnir, Necromancer is the signature class of Isabeli. This class is handy with scrolls.

Notable NecromancersEdit

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