Neredo A. Velden
Knight of Aventheim
Title Scarlet Fury
Kana ネリアドーラ=A.ヴェルデン
Romaji Neriadōra A. Veruden
Japanese Name Neriedor A. Waerden
Race Rondalia
Sex Female
Age 24
Order 5th
Unit Class Duelist
Element Fire
Level 26
Encountered Scene 24
Item 1st Book Half
Route Mellia
Neredo (ネリアドーラ Neriadōra?), also known as Neriedor is a playable character in Knights in the Nightmare. She can be recruited in Scene 24 in Mellia's story, taking the place of Atkasia.

Base StatEdit

Lv 26
VIT 21
L.I 29
C.I 68
LOY 53%


Neredo bears a resemblance to her sister, Atkasia. She has red hair and green eyes, though her hair is a bit shorter than her sister's.

Tome DescriptionEdit

"She is a boastful and arrogant fighter who often bickers with her older sister, Atkasia. Neredo does not care much for other people and rarely puts forth any effort to remember names or faces."


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Atkasia, A Foolish Sister: "My older sister likes to pretend she's the boss."
  • On Atkasia, A Foolish Sister: "Just because she's older doesn't mean anything!"
  • On Lakshmi, A Subordinate: "She may not stand out much, but Lakshmi is great."
  • On Lakshmi, A Subordinate: "She has bad timing..."
  • On Natalie, A Blending Girl: "Natalie... Who is she again?"
  • On Gudrun, A Young Knight: "Gudrun is that new knight with a young face, right?"
  • On Gudrun, A Young Knight: "She looks like she has a really stiff neck."
  • On Otto, A Bad Man: "I heard she was saved by a bad man named Otto..."
  • On Theonil, A Forgetful Man: "Theonil is forgetful sometimes."
  • "What did our guards do, invite the monsters in!?"
  • "We shouldn't have let the monsters in so easily!"
  • "Irresponsible men make me nauseous."
  • "I'll move up the ranks. That's how things get done."
  • "Monsters invading the old castle? That's unheard of!"
  • "I hate mediocrity."
  • "If I had been defending the castle, let me tell you..."
  • "I hate when people talk to me like they know me."
  • "My older sister likes to pretend she's the boss."

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "I suppose I haven't mature much, have I?"
  • On Atkasia, A Foolish Sister: "We never did get along."


  • "I'll help. I can't die with things like they are now."

Level Up:Edit

  • "Alright! I'm stronger!"
  • "What is this feeling?"
  • "I would hate it if my sister were stronger..."
  • "Can't you give me a little extra?"


  • "What!? This is inexcusable!"
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