Nestor Nev Reynolds
Basic info
Kana ネスタ=ネブ=レイノル
Romaji Nesuta Nebu Reinoru
Location Scene 22
Key Item Lollipop

Nestor (ネスタ Nesuta?) is a non-playable character in Knights in the Nightmare. He is Pascale's son.


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Lillian, A Knight Lady: "She let me hold her sword, but it was too heavy..."
  • On Lillian, A Knight Lady: "Armor is heavy too. That's what my sister said."
  • On Pascale, A Mother: "If I don't go back soon, Mommy will be mad at me!"
  • On Pascale, A Mother: "Mommy is scary when she's mad..."
  • On Pascale, A Mother: "My mommy scolded me about wandering off alone."
  • On Minotta, A Playmate: "I love Minotta!"
  • On Minotta, A Playmate: "I wonder if Minotta is here today..."
  • On Lucana, A Kind Maid: "Sometimes a maid lady gives me sweet bread!"
  • On Norton, A Round One: "The other day, I ran into someone, so I apologized."
  • On Janak, A Kind Man: "Mr. Janak is really nice!"
  • On Nordich, A Brotherly Noble: "I spoke with the prince, once. He was like a brother!"
  • On Wilmgard, A Bearded Man: "So there's no king now? When's he coming back?"
  • "The castle is so much fun! It's like a big maze!"
  • "Sometimes I hear growling when I play in the castle."
  • "A knight told me the groans were actually monsters!"
  • On Zolgonark, A Big Monster: "I heard there's a horrible monster in the castle..."
  • On Zolgonark, A Big Monster: "Monsters don't live in castles... right?"
  • "I go with my daddy to the castle sometimes."
  • "The castle is so huge!"
  • "I'm not supposed to horse around in the castle..."
  • "I wanna work in the castle, just like Daddy!"
  • "I heard there's a secret hallway here! Is it true?"

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "I'll just go over there and be quiet."
  • On Pascale, A Mother: "Mommy buys me lots of candy."
  • "I'm not supposed to go with strangers with candy..."
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