She said she went all the way to Embellia, didn't she? It must've been so hard by herself, with no friends... I feel sorry for her. Nietzsche'll look after her, so let's take her with us.

—Nietzsche to Pamela

Nietzsche 2
Basic info
Gender Female
Japanese Voice Actor Maeda Ai
English Voice Actor Stephanie Sheh
Age: 12
Race: Undine
Family:  ???
Ace: Lance
Class: Undine
Birthplace: Embellia
Height: 142 cm

Nietzsche (ニーチェ Nīche?) is the youngest member of the Royal Army, Nietzsche is a twelve-year-old Undine citizen of Embellia who has been exiled from her home country. Her older sister was manipulated by Nessiah into stealing the Undines' Transmigragem, the artifact which allows them to survive as a race; although Nietzsche's sister killed herself out of remorse, her crimes were apparently enough to condemn Nietzsche, as well. Nietzsche met Yggdra at Phelinas and joins up with the Royal Army as they pass through Embellia. She was the one who briefed the Royal Army with the details as to why the country is in an uproar. After which, she pledged her help in ending Embellia's war against the humans.

Nietzsche fails to persuade Queen Emelone to lay down her arms but vows to find the Transmigragem and return peace to the mermaid queendom. Despite being part of the deconstruction of her own country's government, Nietzsche remains hopeful and happy. She loves fish and strange small objects, and always refers to herself in the third person. She's voiced by Maeda Ai in the PSP version.

Base StatsEdit

These are her base stats when recruited with the Coral Spear.

Stats GEN ATK TEC LUK Morale
2, 1 2, 7 2, 7 3, 3 3640/3800
Abilities Ability 1 Ability 2 Ability 3 Ability 4 Equipment
Water ☻ Void Ice Sand :( Weak to Fire Morale UP in water
Nietzsche (Coral Spear)

Initial Stats with Coral Spear



  • Nietzsche is illiterate.