My father is dead. I should be the one to inherit the kingdom!

Nordich (ノルディッシュ=ラウル=デネス=ド=グレイヴニル Norudisshu Rauru Denesu Do Gureivuniru?) is the prince and heir to the throne of Gleivnir Kingdom.

Website DescriptionEdit

The young prince of the kingdom. Raised without knowing a mother's love, he was often spoiled, and has become short-tempered, unruly, and self-centered.

Tome DescriptionEdit

"King Wilmgard's son and heir to the throne of Aventheim. Although he grew up without a mother, he was spoiled as a child. He has become short-tempered and self-centered, but his political convictions are firm. After his father's death, there were some who feared his succession might bring about an unwelcome change in the kingdom's regime. He met with a horrible fate after being tricked by Cardinal Capehorn..."

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