Norr Solari Ageon Leto
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Location Scene 45
Key Item Ancient Texts

Norr is a NPC in Knights in the Nightmare.


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Yuga, A Lover of Battle: "Mevina seemed to see something in her future..."
  • On Philo, A Kind Man: "He remained noble even after his close friend died."
  • On Philo, A Kind Man: "He always encouraged us."
  • On Magisa, A Philosopher: "I believe Magisa was saved by Philo's kindness."
  • On Mevina, A Smart Grandchild: "I think Mevina was starting to figure it out."
  • On Mevina, A Smart Grandchild: "My granddaughter foresaw this day's coming..."
  • On Gordon, A Battle Expert: "Gordon's grandfather told us stories of the old days."
  • On Azhan, A Philosopher: "The assassination of Sir Azhan and the treason..."
  • "All I can do is watch the world's cogs turn."
  • "Nobody should have touched the forbidden, ever."
  • "This place should never have been seen by humans."
  • "The architectural skill of the Tiamats is superior..."
  • "The castle was the gateway of Asgard to the underworld."
  • "The castle was the gateway to the other planes."
  • "Even those who live there don't know its secrets."
  • "We Tiamats were once a race close to the gods..."
  • "Perhaps the time for atonement has come..."
  • "The castle was the gateway to the other planes."
  • "Very few know the secrets hidden in the castle..."
  • "I've heard our ancestors built the old castle."
  • "Unwritten Law was breached, and the door was opened..."

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "We have been protecting nature... and the world..."
  • "This contains the history of our people."
  • "But now... it's nothing more than bound paper."
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