The Ogrenium is a recurring item in the Dept. Heaven series.

A heavy, black ore from Lacrima Castle.
After UseEdit
A heavy, black ore from Lacrima Castle. Chappi used it to forge an Ogre Blade.

Ogrenium is an Event Item found in Riviera: The Promised Land. It is found in Stage 2: Lacrima Castle, and can be used to create the Ogre Blade if it is presented to Chappi in Elendia.

Acquirement Method: This item can only be obtained with the Torch. It is found in a chest in the Sealed Tower of Lacrima Castle. Use the torch when prompted to light the room, revealing the chest.

Function: Trade it to Chappi after Stage 2 along with all scythes in your Inventory for an Ogre Blade x50.

The hardest metal in existence; found rarely in Lenessey.

Ogrenium is an item appearing in Yggdra Union. It is needed to obtain the Ogre Blade in BF16.
Location: BF13

Morale RecoveryEdit

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