"So our country is made of this sword? Nay, it is the people; a country is made by its people."

King Ordene Artwaltz was the 31st king of Fantasinia , and the father of Luciana, Aegina, and Yggdra. He is said to have a knight's strict code of honor philosophy, and as per Fantasinia's creeds, he fights for the justice he believes in. Ordene's creeds are so strict that he will willingly walk into dangerous situations because it is what courtesy expects of him, and the way he ignores the possibility that other people may not play as fairly as he does makes him extremely easy to manipulate. He was tricked by a court adviser into giving up Luciana and Aegina when they were born.

Despite his shortcomings (and he is aware of them, often lamenting that he didn't listen to the people trying to help him), Ordene is still well-meaning. He disapproved of exploiting Bronquia during its civil unrest and political turmoil and he fiercely defended Bly during a court scandal. Unfortunately, he could not prevent Bly from being banished from the kingdom by its council nor was he able to convince him to stay.

He was slain when Gulcasa invaded his kingdom.

Ordene is voiced by Tomoyuki Higuchi.

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