Orlando Sean Graham
Orlando KitN portrait
Basic info
Kana フォーレンス=セント=グレアム
Romaji Fōrensu Sento Gureamu
Location Scene 17
Key Item Worn Textbook

Orlando (フォーレンス Fōrensu?) is a non-playable character in Knights in the Nightmare. He is a quiet, dignified teacher at a Regnieburg public school that has seen a number of King's would-be knights come through its halls.


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Irma, A Focused Girl: "She used to look at maps in all her free time."
  • On Irma, A Focused Girl: "Irma can concentrate on anything when she wants."
  • On Locke, A Former Student: "I see he's still pushing up his glasses all the time."
  • On Locke, A Former Student: "He was so engulfed in the text, he wouldn't listen."
  • On Locke, A Former Student: "He was a bit like me in my youth."
  • On Olson, A Bookstore Owner: "The bookshop keeper comes to listen sometimes."
  • On Gaston, A Noble Family: "The sons of Gaston were fairly unique, too."
  • On Gieche, A Smart Student: "Gieche skipped a grade and graduated early."
  • On Colt, An Able Student: "Colt is a talented bard. I wish he'd known it..."
  • On Bonita, A Problem Student: "I heard she was a pretty bad kid back then."
  • "Education carries the future of our kingdom."
  • "I'd like to ensure my knowledge is passed down."
  • On Jorgen, A Great Teacher: "His unique methods softened my way of thinking."
  • On Jorgen, A Great Teacher: "I hear the laughter never ceases at Jorgen's."
  • On Jorgen, An Owed Teacher: "I heard the man who led me to this career is well."
  • On Jorgen, An Owed Teacher: "I hear my teacher is living quietly in Valde Forest."
  • "I was on the way to Lake Noir with the students..."
  • "Lake Noir is important to our kingdom."
  • "People say that I am a knowledge collector."
  • "Not all knowledge can be gleaned from books."
  • "Seeing something with your own eyes is paramount."
  • "When it's sunny, sometimes we play by Lake Noir."
  • "The ecosystem of Lake Noir is extremely interesting."
  • "It is not only knowledge our students gain from us."

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "This book holds much of the knowledge I've acquired..."
  • "The contents of this book are not everything..."
  • "I'd like my knowledge to be use in the future."
  • "With wisdom and knowledge, there is no need for arms."
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