Hmph... Can't a man loot a village in peace anymore?
Basic info
Gender Male
Japanese Voice Actor Masaya Takatsuka
English Voice Actor Kirk Thornton
Age: 32
Race: Human
Family: Unknown
Ace: Axe
Class: Bandit
Birthplace:  ???
Height: Around 180 cm

The leader of a gang of bandits whose base sits halfway up the only path through the Lenessey Mountains. Despite his age, which is thirty two years old, he is one of Milanor's rivals. Ortega and his men first appear taking advantage of Embellia's civil war to harass its citizens, and return as an obstacle to the Royal Army's progress. Like many bandit organizations, Ortega is interested in the prospect of capturing Yggdra for the bounty Bronquia places on her. Despite the fact that he preys on innocent, Ortega has a loyal following who react badly when he's killed by the Royal Army.




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