Pascale Poppi Reinard
Basic info
Kana ポワンソワーゼ=ポップ=レイノル
Romaji Powansowāze Poppu Reinoru
Location Scene 23
Key Item Superb Scarf

Pascale (ポワンソワーゼ Powansowāze, lit. Francoise?) is a non-playable character in Knights in the Nightmare.


Pause Talk:Edit

  • On Janak, A Good Gardener: "We always ask Mr. Janak to take care of our yard."
  • On Janak, A Good Gardener: "My son is very taken by Mr. Janak."
  • On Frances, A Young Knight: "My son caused trouble for a young lady knight..."
  • On Nestor, An Energetic Son: "Maybe I should consider a private tutor for him."
  • On Minotta, A Caring Knight: "I haven't seen her in ages... She must be busy."
  • On Leane, A Kind Maid: "All the maids here are kind and helpful."
  • On Knox, A Watchful Youth: "Mr. Knox is a great listener. I just talk."
  • On Lucana, A Busy Maid: "There's one young maid who never seems to slow down..."
  • On Otto, A Caretaker: "I hears the people of the west are used as laborers."
  • On Wilmgard, A Generous Lord: "I hear the king has a big heart."
  • "An unspoken anxiety is spreading in the city..."
  • "I don't think any one life should weigh more heavily."
  • "It's no use getting so pessimistic..."
  • "I haven't seen the knight patrolman lately..."
  • "I wish my husband would help with our son more..."
  • "I have many acquaintances within the castle."
  • "There are many different people inside the castle."
  • "Maybe I'll ask my husband to hite a patrolman."
  • "Such strange events... I worry about my son's future."
  • "I practically live for my son without realizing it."

Using Key Item:Edit

  • "This is... the scarf I lost a while back!?"
  • "My grandmother passed on, in the heat of battle..."
  • "Is a peaceful world only part of illusions...?"
  • "My grandmother sent me this. It's precious."
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