Gungnir Character
Romaji Piēru
Kana ピエール
Nation Gargania
Sex Male
Origin ?
Race Daltania
Age c. 40
Class Knight
Weapon Sword
Guards! You are to defend this gate, whatever the cost! If they break through, my reputation will be ruined!

—Pierre, at the Gate of Lament

Pierre (ピエール Piēru?) is a character in Gungnir - Inferno of the Demon Lance and War of Heroes. The appointed Governor of the East, he oversees the Espada region from the Victrion Stronghold.

Story[edit | edit source]

Pierre is first seen in Scene 03 when he arrives to rout the Espada slums (and, conveniently, the Esperanza quarters) in person, after learning that Alissa, an important prisoner, was abducted by the outlaws operating in the region.

Pierre is a vain, arrogant and cruel man; however, his obsession with his career and reputation makes him blind to the court intrigue he got involved in. In Scene 08, court aide Regina subtly manipulates Pierre into attacking Esperanza with his entire force, without him realizing that she and Ziyad are actually after Gungnir. As explained by Paulo when the Esperanza plan their move, Pierre has little actual military or tactical experience, as he only became a governor due to his family's connections.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Pierre is fought thrice, first in Scene 03, then in Scene 04 and again in Scene 08.

Scene 03[edit | edit source]

  • Weapon
    • Flamberge +9: A crimson blade shaped like a flame. It can be used for fire attacks.
  • Armor
  • Other
    • Eventrion: A medal carried only by a select few. (Only equipped in parts 2 and 3)

Scene 04[edit | edit source]

  • Weapon
    • Flamberge +9
  • Armor
    • Hard Leather
    • Basilisk Shield: A large shield with a snake painted on it. Prevents Poison.
    • Iron Mask: Used to hide one's expression. Prevents Charm.

Scene 08[edit | edit source]

  • Weapon
    • Flamberge +9
    • Dark Saber +9: Forged with a special dark iron, this sword is also great for defense.
  • Armor
    • Chain Mail: Armor made for flexibility.
    • Basilisk Shield
  • Other
    • Onyx: A jewel used to ward off evil. Goes for a high price.
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