Pope Joachim

"What is the matter? Why do you hesitate? You are of royal blood. You have a duty to the people. Who else can bear the responsibility of the crown?"

Joachim Lia Blaucent (ヨハイム Yohaimu?) is the 64-year-old 47th pope of the Meria religion and the only one other than the Artwaltz family capable of entering Welheim. He leads the traditional sect of Meria, and commands the Temple Knights; he and his followers are attacked by the Imperial Army in an attempt to keep him from crowning Yggdra. Joachim appears to be a wise and kindly old man, but he is quite harsh with Yggdra when she becomes unsure about whether her actions are just, telling her that reigning is a duty that she cannot escape and must stand up to.

As he is the only person who can crown Yggdra and thus grant her the full power of the Gran Centurio, he was hunted by the Imperial Army. He was rescued by the Royal Army instead, and agreed to perform Yggdra's coronation. However, after fulfilling his duty, he was killed by Luciana upon Nacht Altar. Upon his dying breath, Joachim revealed to Yggdra that Gulcasa fully intends to revive Brongaa.

Voiced by Masaya Takatsuka in Japanese and Kirk Thornton in English.



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