The Powershroom is a recurring consumable item.

Without Mushroom BookEdit
A blue mushroom. It looks poisonous, but its effects are unknown.
With Mushroom BookEdit
A blue mushroom. It's very healthy, and used by body-builders! (Mushroom Book, page 229)
A blue mushroom. Ein gave it to Reiche.
Power Shroom

The Powershroom is an Event Item in Riviera: The Promised Land. It is found in the Nelde Ruins. Ein can eat it to raise his STR, or exchange this for Reiche for one of two potential items.

Acquirement Method: Located in the Wiese Forest. It is located in the room marked below.

    [ ]
[ ]-[ ]-[ ]
[X]-[ ]-[ ]

Available options vary depending on whether or not the Mushroom Book is present; note that it is simply labeled as "Mushroom" if the book is missing.

Function: The Powershroom has several uses. If the Mushroom Book has been acquired, Ein will be able to consume it for a permanent boost to his HP Stat by five (5), and STR by one (1).

  • For the Spiral Shell: The Mushroom Book must be absent to obtain this item. Trade the Powershroom along with the Dizzyshroom and Laughshroom to Reiche in return for the Spiral Shell.
  • For the Magna Rock: The Mushroom Book must be present to obtain this item. Trade the Powershroom to Reiche for a Magna Rock x5.

A strange mushroom that charges the body with energy.

Powershroom is an equippable consumable item appearing in Yggdra Union.

Lasts 1 BF
Equip Non-mushroom-hater
Effect [O] Eat: ATK UP
Location BF23.5

Morale RecoveryEdit

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