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Priestess (プリエステス Puriesutesu?) is a Knight Class in Knights in the Nightmare. These units excel at being placed behind the enemy to attack from the rear.

Tier: Back Attacker

Game DescriptionEdit

A holy woman who uses magic gained through devotion to her faith. She swings her mace to purify approaching enemies with magic.

Attack StyleEdit

The spells of the priestess have long reaches, rivaling that of her Wizard counterpart.


Cross Spell: Hold the mace high to attack enemies in a T-shaped spread. This Law attack has a very long reach.

Additional Effect: None


Gram: Place a magic trap on the desired space to harm unwary foes.

Additional Effect: None


Priestess gungnir
One of the few classes capable of using grimoires, this class is suited most for healing other fighters. She has high HP for a magic-user, and can even use her mace to attack enemies in a pinch.

The Priestess is a healing and support specialist. Healing magic from grimoires is usable only by the Priestess and Alchemist, so it would be valuable to train one in your army. Tougher than most spellcaster units, the Priestess can also swing a mace in melee if the situation calls for it.

List of PriestessesEdit

Name Fire Water Earth Air Spc Description
Dahlia -2 -3 +2 +3 II A well-balanced, capable priestess.
Marianne +3 -2 +2 -1 III A skilled and qualified priestess.
Frances -1 -1 +2 0 II A priestess with great support unit potential.
Meryl -2 +2 -2 +2 III A skilled priestess with above-average abilities.
Simone -2 +3 -1 0 IV Supports other units with her high vitality.

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