Rainbow Arc (虹色アーク Nijiiro āku, lit. Rainbow Arc?) is a recurring bow in Dept. Heaven franchise.

A mystic bow that sparkles like a rainbow.
Rainbow Arc is an equippable item appearing in Yggdra Union.

GEN +4
ATK +2
TEC +6
Lasts 2 BF
Equip Bow only
Effect [O] Foe GEO 0%
Location BF17, on Elena

Rainbow Arc is a weapon in Knights in the Nightmare.

Rainbow Arc
Rainbow Arc KitN sprite
Type Archer
Element Sanctity
Level 27
Law Attack Luminous Bow -> Heaven's Bow
Effect 1 83
Effect 2 66
Effect 3 27

Phase Name Damage Hits Total
Law Luminous Bow -> Heaven's Bow 989 4 3956

 Rainbow Arc

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